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The City of Centerville has participated in a summer-long, grant-funded campaign in 2019 to reduce recycling contamination by partnering with The Recycling Partnership, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Montgomery County Environmental Services and Rumpke Recycling.
A random sampling of Centerville customers prior to the program launch found 19% of the material put into recycling containers could not be accepted for recycling. Instead, it was ‘contaminated,’ meaning those materials were incorrect or soiled. Contamination threatens the sustainability of the entire program by escalating costs and increasing risk of injury or damage to workers and equipment. 

By the end of the summer, the random sampling showed 11% contamination, an 8% reduction.

How did it work?

what-to-throwMID-JUNE: Information cards were mailed to all Centerville recycling customers – reminding them of items that can be recycled at facilities owned by Rumpke. 

MID-JULY: The City kicked off the ‘feet on the street’ initiative, mobilizing specially-trained personnel to conduct curbside cart observations. This initiative was conducted only for homes in the Concept East, Black Oak, Nestle Creek and Cheltenham neighborhoods. Residents who had contaminants in their recycling carts will receive information ‘Oops’ tags on their carts with specific feedback designed to reduce contamination. Recycling carts with contamination are not emptied. Residents have the opportunity to correct the mistake and return the cart to the curb the following week. 

oopsEND OF JULY: Another information card went out to a portion of recycling customers alerting them to the top contaminant crews found during the 'feet on the street' initiative. 



What can you recycle? 

Please recycle these items:

Paper & flattened cardboard
Plastic bottles & jugs
Glass bottles & jars
Cartons – food & beverage
Metal cans – food & beverage
Aerosol cans

Not Acceptable
Plastic bags
All other glass products
Scrap metal

Recycling Tips
Mix all items together.
Empty all bottles, jugs & cans.
No need to remove labels.
NEVER use plastic bags.
Click here to find spots to recycle other items.


Recyclables should be placed in either a resident-provided container or a City-provided container (a recycle cart program will be phased in to provide all residents with a recycling cart).

  • Resident-provided containers may NOT be larger than 32 gallons.
  • Resident-provided containers must have a City-provided 'Recylables' label attached.
  • Large, flattened cardboard may be placed next to the container.