Tax Day has been extended to July 15. Anyone who needs in-person tax help should schedule an appointment by calling (937) 433-7151. Read other options here for preparing, filing and paying.

Special Pickup

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Upon request, additional items that do not fit in your City container may be removed via a curbside pick up.  Call (937) 428-4782 to schedule an appointment.  An additional fee applies to this service.


First 30 minutes of loading


 Additional 15 minute increments




Items for collection must be placed curbside out of the road. All household trash or loose debris must be either bagged or containerized. Containers used will not be taken unless clearly marked they are to be discarded.

Carpet:  4 feet long x 10 inch diameter rolls
Mattresses and box springs must be sealed in plastic (bags are available for purchase at Public Works or home improvement stores).
Brush piles:  no piece longer than 8 feet and no wider than 10 inches in diameter
Not accepted:  large amounts of building materials; wood with nails; automobile parts; tires; firewood; concrete; bricks; dirt or hazardous materials.
Call Public Works at (937) 428-4782 for additional locations for material disposal.