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Volunteer Recognition

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Volunteer Salute Banquet 

Volunteer Salute 2018 25 year awardsMunicipal volunteers were honored in May at the City’s annual Volunteer Salute held at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace. The event recognizes the more than 300 volunteers serving as members of council-appointed boards and commissions including the Business Task Force, Storm Water Review, Architectural Review, Tax Appeals, Arts, Property Review, New Community Authority, Records, City Beautiful, Planning, CRA Housing, Personnel Appeals, Sister City, Friends of Benham's Grove and Centerville City School District Personnel Appeals.  

CIVIC Municipal volunteers work in each of the City’s five sites: Police Department, City Building, Public Works Center, Benham's Grove and Yankee Trace providing outstanding services to the community and saving the City and taxpayers thousands of dollars by their efforts, contributing almost 15,000 hours in 2017.

During the event, Mayor Brooks Compton and City Council also acknowledged those volunteers reaching service milestone with a commemorative pin. Receiving Five-year pins were: Bill Abrams, Dennis Baseley, Don DeLoach, Larry England, Jon Hazelton, Judi Hetzer, Dave Hetzer, Pete Jones, Jerry Krauss, Bob Lentz, Ellyn Morrisey, Bob Muzechuk, Bryce Nickel, Ed Ross, John Salvatore, Bob Stone and Al Tokarsky. Betty Lou Carney, Ruth DeWitt, Mike DeWitt, Marilou Enslein, Garry Heflin, Frank Holloway, Walt Killar, Jacki Martindale, June Ovington, Doug Price and Parker Wolff received ten-year pins, while Dick Anstaett, Herman Gabriel and Richard Morrison were recognized for 15 years of service. Suzie Holloway along with Barbara and John Moraites received certificates of appreciation for 25 years of service, and Bob Perkins was recognized for his 40 years of volunteer effort.

2018 Mayor's Award for Community Service

Mayor Compton presented the 2018 Mayor's Award for Community Service to Phil McLaughlin, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the City.

For more information about the City’s volunteer program, call 433-7151.

 Mayor's Award for Community Service

Jim Durham
2016 Cindy Clay
2015 John Koonts
2014 Jan Prettyman
2013 Nancy Bowlus
2012 Charlie Graham
2011 Jim Brunner
2010 John Spoor
2009 Ann Hughes
2008 Paul Clark
2007 John and Barbara Moraites
Peg Gribben
2006 Marilyn McLaughlin
2005 Linda Meily
2004 Bob Daley
2003 Robert and Betty Ann Perkins
2002 Patricia and Edward Fleissner
2001 Bernie Young
2000 Marge Gentis
1999 Jim and Joann Treffinger
1998 Bill Shade
1997 Paul Heintz
1996 Mary Higgins
1995 Missy Bolton
Tom Long
1994 Celia Elliott
Janet Thobaben
1993 Mike Battaglia
1992 Myrtle Morris
Karl Pauzar
1991 Joe Bowlus
Jim Reppert
1990 Martin and Vivian Hohl
1989 Mike Fanning
1988 Martha Boice
1987 Patricia Young
1986 Elmer Tate, Jr.
1985 Thomas Stolz