Tax Day has been extended to July 15. Anyone who needs in-person tax help should schedule an appointment by calling (937) 433-7151. Read other options here for preparing, filing and paying.

Senior Resources

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Exterior Home Maintenance Assistance

The City offers a service resource list for older and disabled residents who are unable to rake leaves or shovel snow from their walks and driveways. The list is maintained by City staff and available to residents. The City also maintains a list of individuals and companies that perform those services for a fee. Once residents receive the resource information from the City, it is their responsibility to contact someone from the list and make the necessary arrangements. This is a perfect service project for groups, families and individuals.

To volunteer, list a business or receive the resource list, call City Offices, (937) 433-7151.

Well-Being Call-In

The Police Department offers a call-in program for residents living alone with a medical issue that requires daily contact. Residents in the program are required to contact our police dispatch center each morning. If contact has not been received, a police officer will be dispatched to check on the well-being of the individual. In the event of an emergency and/or to check on the resident, access is made to the home to ensure the resident's safety. Residents must maintain a contact as a key holder or participate in the Knox Box house key program, a steel locked box that is secured to your house door. Call (937) 433-7661.

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver, an electronic tracking system, assists Police retrieve wandering citizens before they fall victim to the elements, accidents or predators. The program is for those with Alzheimer’s or related disease, autism or Down syndrome who may wander from home and become lost. Contact the Centerville Police Department or the Washington Township Fire Department, (937) 433-3083.