Reminder:  Presidents' Day on Monday, February 18 is NOT an observed City holiday so waste and recycling service will be on the normal Monday through Thursday schedule.


Public Works FAQs

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  • Drainage Concerns

    • Am I permitted to outlet a drain through the curb? Or into a City storm drain?

    • My neighbor is dumping water on me from their downspouts, sump pump, etc. What should I do?

  • Driveway Repair and Reconstruction

    • Do I need a permit to repair my driveway?

    • My curb is high. Can I place a ramp over it?

    • What are the City’s requirements?

    • What if my driveway is asphalt?

    • What if the curb across my driveway has deteriorated?

    • Who does the work?

  • Public Sidewalks

    • How can we get sidewalk installed in our neighborhood?

    • What is the property owner’s responsibility?

  • Recycling

    • When will I get a City issued recycle container?

  • Street Maintenance

    • My mailbox has been knocked down by the City snow plow. What will the City do about this?

    • The City Snow plow overshot the curb and has done damage to the sod in my yard. Will the City fix this damage?

  • Street Repair and Resurfacing Schedule

    • How are streets chosen to be included in the annual program?

    • What is the City’s annual Road Improvement Program?

    • Why are concrete streets covered with asphalt?

    • Why does the City crack seal its streets?

  • Streetlights

    • How can we get streetlights installed in our neighborhood?

    • Why doesn’t my neighborhood have streetlights?

  • Trash Services

    • How can I get trash picked up that won’t fit into my City issued trash container?

    • If I schedule a special pick-up for extra trash and large items, are there any restrictions?

  • Yard Waste Disposal

    • Can I use Operation Clean Sweep to dispose of my yard waste in the Spring?

    • During the Fall, how do I get rid of my late falling leaves from my oak tree and pear tree after the City leaf pick-up season is over?

    • How do I dispose of my tall ornamental grasses?

    • What are my options for getting rid of large amounts of yard waste?

    • What do you do with all of the wood mulch after the branches are chipped up?