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Leaf Collection

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Fall leaf season is a busy time in the City of Centerville. Refuse trucks towing leaf loaders, dump trucks pulling leaf vacuums, and numerous pickup trucks are used to collect and transport leaves to one of several private companies that turn them into compost.

 Click here to view a map and schedule.

Residents are asked to help with these guidelines:

  • Do not bag your leaves. Leaf bags will be treated as regular refuse and therefore must fit in your refuse container. 
  • Please do not rake anything except leaves to the curb for pick-up. Leaf piles with branches, sticks, grass, yard waste or other materials will not be collected. 
  • Rake your leaves to the curb or edge of the street, but not into the street.
  • Please have your leaves raked out to the curb by 7 am on your scheduled collection day. 
  • Weather can impact the leaf collection schedule. All areas will be serviced FOUR times. Every effort will be made to collect leaves from your street on the scheduled day.
  • Leaves will not be collected from private streets or other non-public areas.
  • Leaves raked for collection after the scheduled dates will be collected on a special pickup basis and charged accordingly.
  • Think SAFETY. Kids should NEVER play in leaves piled along the roadway.  Motorists and Public Works crews cannot see children hidden in leaves.  Please be aware of the work area and keep clear of leaf collection operations.

If you have any questions, call the City’s Public Works Department at 428-4782 or send an e-mail.