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Traffic Program

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The philosophy of the Centerville Police Department is to promote the safe operation of motor vehicles throughout the city through its traffic enforcement program. This is accomplished through traffic enforcement at locations determined to be high crash locations by crash surveys, by monitoring data from collection units, and citizen complaints.

In conducting traffic enforcement, the goal of the Centerville Police Department is not to simply issue traffic citations, but rather promote the voluntary compliance of traffic regulations by motorists and lessen the frequency and severity of traffic crashes.

Equipment used to accomplish this goal are electronic speed measuring devices such as radar, hand held laser units, the speed board, and a Trax-Mite collection unit.

The speed board is strategically placed to show the speed limit in problematic areas, while promoting compliance of speed limits throughout the city. The Trax-Mite is an device similar to a traffic counter which is placed throughout the city in response to citizen complaints. The Trax-Mite counts vehicle volume, speed and the time of day the traffic is monitored. This information is then reviewed and selective enforcement action can be conducted.