Reminder:  Presidents' Day on Monday, February 18 is NOT an observed City holiday so waste and recycling service will be on the normal Monday through Thursday schedule.


Police FAQs

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  • When the disaster sirens are activated should I call the police department for information for weather reports?

  • When I call the 9-1-1 phone number for emergency assistance who answers the phone?

  • How can I assist the Police or Fire department locating my residence quickly?

  • When is trash pick-up?

  • Where do I go to pay fines for traffic offenses?

  • Is (John Doe) in the Centerville Jail?

  • Can I get my fingerprints made at the Centerville Police Department?

  • When do I have to report an accident?

  • If I lock the keys in my car, will the Centerville Police Department unlock my vehicle for me?

  • My driver's license has expired. Can I obtain permission from the Police Department to drive to the License Bureau to have it renewed?

  • If my driver's license is expired, how long do I have to renew it?

  • Is school closed today?

  • What are the road conditions? On I-75? On I-70?, In Cleveland? Can you give me directions to Toledo?

  • My electricity and/or phone or other utility is out of service. How long before it will be restored?

  • What is the phone number for: