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Criminal Investigations

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The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) is commanded by a Detective Sergeant and is comprised of three general assignment detectives, one specializing in juvenile crimes and one in vice operations and intelligence gathering with the third serving as victim witness advocate. Another detective is assigned to the Tactical Crime Suppression Unit and the department also works with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. We believe that participation in multi-agency units is vitally important to reducing crime across the region.

The Criminal Investigations Section is responsible for the investigation of all felony crimes, selected misdemeanors offenses, and all narcotics and vice investigations. Goals of the CIS include; identifying and targeting criminal activity, eradicating crime via comprehensive investigations utilizing proactive investigative techniques, and managing intelligence information used to solve crimes. Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Section receive specialized training, to include interview and interrogation techniques, crime scene processing, photography, and homicide/violent crime investigative skills.

This section works in close conjunction with other local, state, and federal investigative agencies to maintain appropriate lines of communication to facilitate the furtherance of our goal of crime eradication across the region. Detectives are also tasked with maintaining liaisons with the judicial system to assure that the needs of crime victims are met throughout the investigative process.