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Neighborhood Watch Program

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The Neighborhood Watch program is composed of Centerville residents from homes, condominiums and apartments throughout the community. Groups can be organized by contacting the Community Relations Officer at (937) 433-7661. Neighborhood Watch groups are asked to meet annually to speak with the Community Relations Officer about criminal activity in their neighborhood and to allow us to receive feedback about suspicious activity and/or concerns in the community.

When criminal activity has taken place and sufficient information about the suspect(s) has been collected, the Neighborhood Watch coordinator is contacted and asked to call members of the Watch group with the information. This information may also be disseminated through the media and/or by the Code Red notification system (as required).

During the Neighborhood Watch meetings, relevant topics discussed may include identity theft, burglary prevention, personal safety, and how to report an incident to the police. The purpose of the meetings is to educate citizens and make Centerville a safer place to live.