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Business Watch

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Crime Prevention Tailored to Businesses

police officer with merchantThe business community has its own set of crime problems and educational needs. These needs are addressed through crime prevention training, physical security surveys, crime prevention alerts, and emergency contact information.

If your business has a specific problem which needs to be addressed such as shoplifting, internal theft, detecting counterfeit currency, etc., contact the Community Relations Officer to schedule training for your staff and employees.

Handling Currency and Fraud Prevention

If you are a merchant in the City of Centerville and handle a significant amount of cash in your day-to-day business, contact the Community Relations Officer for a counterfeit pen and information on prevention of fraud.

Long-Term Security and Protection of your Business

Thinking about the long term security and protection of your business? Contact the Community Relations Officer to schedule a physical security survey. The Community Relations Officer is trained to locate security deficiencies and to make recommendations for improvements of doors, lights, locks, alarms, and other security features. Call the Community Relations Officer at (937) 433-7661 to schedule an appointment.