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Board of Architectural Review

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The City of Centerville, recognizing the unique panorama of architectural history that has developed along the major cross-roads of our community, has established a Downtown Historic District and Landmark Preservation Ordinance to preserve and protect areas, places, structures, works of art or similar objects having a special historical, cul­tural, or aesthetic interest to the citizens of Centerville. City Council established the Centerville Board of Architectural Review to implement these regulations, provide reference materials and guides for residents, businesses and property owners and to advise the City Council. The Board of Architectural Review is a seven member citizen board that meets monthly to decide on requests brought to it for improvements to properties in our downtown or on property designated as a landmark.


Meets 1st Tuesday of the Month 7:00pm

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Current Year Case Submittal Calendar


Chairman & 6 Members, 3 Year Term

  • Edward Ross, term expires 10/07/22, Chair
  • Joseph Demariano, term expires 2/17/23, Vice Chair
  • Richard Hoback, M.D., term expires 5/6/22
  • Frank Holloway, term expires 6/8/24
  • Thomas Ovington, term expires 12/16/22
  • Chris Papakirk, term expires 5/6/22
  • Joyce Ray Brown, term expires 5/6/22
  • Duke Lunsford, Council Liaison