Storm debris and leaf pickup update: December 10 -14.  Please note storm debris pickup and leaf pickup are two separate operations (DO NOT mix brush and leaves.) and are explained in this news article.

2018 City Representation

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The City of Centerville maintains active involvement with local, state,and national organizations that impact the citizens of Centerville. The city Council members and City staff that represent Centerville on these organizations are listed below:

Centerville-Washington Diversity Council

  • Wayne Davis
  • Maureen Russell Hodgson

Dayton Area Managers Association

  • Wayne Davis

Dayton Development Coalition

  • Belinda H. Kenley (Delegate)
  • Brooks A. Compton (Alternate)

First Tier Suburbs

  • Willis O. Serr
  • Brooks A. Compton
  • JoAnne C. Rau (Alternate)

Greene County Water/Wastewater Advisory Committee

  • K. Douglas Spitler

Miami Valley Communications Council

  • JoAnne C. Rau (Delegate)
  • Brooks A. Compton (Delegate)
  • Wayne Davis (Alternate)

Government Technology Committee

  • Wayne Davis

Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

  • John J. Beals (Delegate)
  • Wayne Davis (Alternate)

Technical Advisory Committee

  • K. Douglas Spitler (Delegate)
  • James G. Brinegar (Alternate)

Transportation Committee

  • John J. Beals (Delegate)
  • John E. Palcher (Alternate)

The Lower Greater Miami River Basin Council

  • John J. Beals
  • Brooks A. Compton

Mont. & Greene County Mayors And Managers Association

  • Brooks A. Compton
  • Wayne Davis

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management

Countywide Advisory Committee

  • Wayne Davis (Representative)

Montgomery County Solid Waste

Financial Advisory Committee

  • Wayne Davis


  • Wayne Davis


  • Wayne Davis

Ohio Benefits Cooperative

  • Jonathan T. Hudson

Satellite Juvenile Court

  • Wayne Davis Police Chief

South Suburban Coalition

  • Willis O. Serr

Sycamore Medical Center

Citizens Advisory Council

  • Brooks A. Compton
  • Wayne Davis

Washington Township Recreation Board

  • John J. Beals (Delegate)
  • Mark K. Engert (Alternate)

Storm Water Drainage Task Force

  • John Beals, Chairman

Property Maintenance Task Force

  • Belinda H. Kenley
  • Brooks Compton