Income Tax FAQs

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The regular tax return filing deadline is April 15.

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  • When is the Centerville tax office open?

  • What is the Centerville income tax rate and who does the income tax apply to?

  • Who is required to file Centerville income tax returns?

  • What schedules or supporting documents should I attach to my return?

  • Are retired persons required to pay city tax?

  • Are students exempt from the tax?

  • Why doesn't the city tax interest income?

  • If I have W-2 income and a schedule, can I use a schedule loss against my W-2 wages?

  • I have a rental property that shows a loss each year after expenses. Should I include that in my return?

  • My W-2 has differing amounts in the federal income box, the local income box and the medicare box. Which amount should I show as taxable wages for my city income tax return?

  • I live in Centerville but work in another city and have tax withheld for that city. Do I get credit for that against my Centerville tax liability?

  • When are tax returns due?

  • How soon can I expect my refund?

  • My company will not withhold Centerville income taxes. What can I do?

  • When are estimate payments required?

  • If my tax preparer filed my tax returns electronically for me last year, why did I receive a letter stating that I had not filed with Centerville?

  • I work in Dayton and pay Dayton taxes. My spouse works in a township and doesn’t have any tax withheld. If Dayton’s tax rate is 2.5% why can’t we take credit for all of the 2.5% and offset my spouse’s tax liability to Centerville?

  • If I file an extension request, why am I charged a penalty and interest when I file and pay by the extended date?

  • What types of income are taxable and should be reported on the Centerville income tax return?

  • What types of income are non-taxable and should not be reported on the Centerville income tax return?