Tax Day has been extended to July 15. Anyone who needs in-person tax help should schedule an appointment by calling (937) 433-7151. Read other options here for preparing, filing and paying.

Income Tax

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Tax Day for federal, state and local taxes has been extended from April 15 to July 15.

The City Building reopened to the public on Monday, June 8. Anyone who needs in-person tax help should schedule an appointment by calling (937) 433-7151.

Residents are encouraged to utilize several other options available to prepare, file or pay their local income taxes. Taxpayers can prepare and/or file their tax return electronically if they meet the requirements listed on the Income Tax page on the City’s website. Residents can also take advantage of the blue drop box in the parking lot behind the Municipal Building or mail in their tax return information (Centerville tax form, W-2’s, 1099 Miscellaneous, Federal Schedules, etc.) and the Income Tax staff will prepare and process the return. If you have any questions, please call (937) 433-7151.

Tax Rate

Effective January 1, 2017, Centerville's income tax is 2.25 percent. 

Centerville residents are permitted credit up to 2.25% on the wages taxed in another city.

Prior to 2017, the City's income tax rate was 1.75 percent, with credit permitted to Centerville residents up to 1.75% on the wages taxed in another city.

The earnings tax provides for many of the City’s services and major improvements.



  • Tax returns are due on April 15.
  • It is no longer necessary to file a copy of the Federal Extension by the original due date of the return to extend the time to file the Centerville income tax return; however, a copy of the Federal Extension MUST be provided when filing the extended return.
  • An extension only extends the time for filing, any tax liability is still due by April 15.
  • Every person who anticipates a net tax liability of at least $200 is required under Ohio law to make estimated tax payments so that a minimum of 90% of your tax liability is paid by January 15.
  • These payments are due April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15.
  • Click here to pay online (A service fee will be charged.)
  • Download tax forms

**New For 2019 - Online Account Inquiry**

Beginning tax year 2019, taxpayers may access their accounts online to check estimated tax payments and carryover credits. You will need your city account number (4, 5 or 6 digits). Format is 1-XXXX or 2-XXXXX.  You must also verify the last four digits of your SSN or FIEN.

Click here to access your information.

Online Filing/Tax Preparation Tool


***Please Read Before Filing***

If you were a Centerville resident with W-2 income ONLY and were fully withheld (tax withheld on all wages for Centerville or city with a 2.25% or higher rate) you may file your Centerville tax return electronically. Any individuals claiming a refund or overpayment, showing a balance due, filing with Federal schedules (Schedule C, E, K1) or any other income reported on Form 1099 or Federal Form 1040, Schedule 1 CANNOT file an electronic return. However, you may still use the online tax calculation tool to prepare your return. After completing and finalizing your return, please print the form, attach W-2’s and any supporting Federal schedules and mail or bring to the Tax Department.

Please note: any returns filed electronically will be reviewed and the Tax Department may require documentation to verify the information submitted. Any additional documentation will be requested by mail. To file a return or use the tax calculation tool you will need your social security number and then you will assign your own PIN. If you are a new filer, you may need to contact the Tax Department to setup or update your account. Please contact the Tax Department with questions.

Click here to file or use the online calculation tool.

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