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Strategic Plan

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Centerville staff members presented an update on the progress of the five-year Strategic Plan to City Council during the January 14, 2019 work session. City Council adopted the plan in June 2018, with strategies, implementation steps and a timeline for each of the six major goals. In providing a current status of each goal, staff’s update included projects completed to date as well as action items for the next six months.

“Our staff, with the support of City Council, is making great strides in implementing strategies and implementation steps,” says City Manager Wayne Davis. “We have also connected the Strategic Plan to our five-year financial plan. A five-year strategic plan was directed by City Council and will enable our citizens to better understand the direction of the City of Centerville.”

The goals and updates of projects completed or in-process include:

Goal 1. Economic Development: Promote a community of neighborhoods and business districts that attract, retain, and support businesses with forward thinking policy, planning, and service delivery. Strategic work already completed or in process includes:

  • Host a Business First! meeting at which the City presented its economic development initiatives to local and regional economic development partners
  • Research the feasibility of an Entertainment District for Architectural Preservation District (APD)
  • Create a marketing strategy to communicate the benefits and availability of existing and new economic development assistance programs
  • Conduct APD visioning and develop action plan

Goal 2. Planning: Engage in proactive strategic land use policy-making reflective of the City’s present development pattern and its evolution to a maturing suburban community. Strategic work already completed or in process includes:

  • Review Create the Vision, the City and Township’s long range plan adopted more than 15 years ago 
  • Evaluate current and future traffic conditions in and around the I-675/Wilmington Pike interchange. (A number of meetings already have been conducted).
  • Evaluate and adopt amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance to promote residential and business growth
  • Create an online application portal within the City’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, known as the Citizen Self-Service module

Goal 3. Finance: Create a strong and sustainable financial foundation which provides stability and flexibility to municipal operations by utilizing City resources and taxpayer dollars in the most efficient and responsible manner. Strategic work already completed or in process includes: 

  • Utilize technology upgrades to streamline financial processes and to improve financial decision-making capabilities 
  • Communicate and disseminate information to key stakeholders and partners on the economic and financial condition of the City and its ability to perform its core services
  • Implement Munis “Go Live”, the ERP system that will streamline communication efforts throughout City departments
  • Increase City Capital Improvement Program (CIP) allocation for road and sidewalk infrastructure from $2.5 m in 2017 to $3.1 m in 2018 to $5.3 m in 2019

Goal 4. Housing/Infrastructure: Actively and regularly assess infrastructure and housing options to identify opportunities for neighborhood improvements and economic viability. Strategic work already completed or in process includes:

  • Improve the built environment including the incorporation of technology to better manage public infrastructure and to maintain a quality community identity  
  • Manage infrastructure assets to ensure plans are financially sustainable through the useful life and the attribute contributes to the desirability and brand of the community  
  • Upgrade Wilmington Pike Traffic Signal System project 
  • Create a draft Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for public buildings and rights-of-way
  • Adopt Municipal Code Chapter 1048 (Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structures); Utility Undergrounding Plan; and a Right-of-Way Pole Reservation Plan for the operation of small cell installations

Goal 5. Core Services: Provide outstanding, efficient, quality and valuable core services to our residents, businesses and visitors as defined by The City of Centerville’s Mission, Vision and Values. Strategic work already completed or in process includes:

  • Ensure that Core Services are consistently delivered in a professional, courteous, direct and ethical manner in accordance with the City’s Charter, Ordinances, Codes, Regulations, and Mission, Vision and Values 
  • Display City’s Mission, Vision and Values in all City buildings 
  • Revise Table of Organization created in conjunction with 2019 Budget process 
  • Implement the City’s Communication Policy 
  • Use Smartsheet™ to track Strategic Plan 

Goal 6. Technology: Modernize technology infrastructure while leveraging emerging trends to improve operations and facilitate communication with our stakeholders.

  • Launch City’s new website 
  • Assess all departments’ Information Technology (IT) resources, needs and future direction 
  • Installation of Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) Fiber Optic Ring with partner cities Miamisburg, Kettering, Springboro, West Carrollton, Oakwood and Moraine, to be completed in June 2019