Storm debris and leaf pickup update: December 10 -14.  Please note storm debris pickup and leaf pickup are two separate operations (DO NOT mix brush and leaves.) and are explained in this news article.

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City extends brush drop-off hours,

Schedules storm debris pickup

Post Date:12/07/2018 3:30 PM

Storm debris and leaf pickup update: Week of December 10 -14

Please note storm debris pickup and leaf pickup are two separate operations.  Do NOT mix brush and leaves.

Storm debris parameters
All drop-off and pickup of brush and debris: Branches must be no longer than 8’ and no larger than 10” in diameter.

Storm debris drop-off
Residents may drop off brush 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Public Works Center, 7970 S. Suburban Road.

Storm debris pickup
Public Works is providing curbside brush pick up of storm debris. We started in the northern part of Centerville and are working southward through the City. Following the Leaf Map Routes, Zone 2 will start this week and continue to the next zone in sequential order. Each zone will be completed before moving onto the next. This may take several weeks.

Leaf Pickup
We are in our final posted round of leaf pick up.  Beginning December 10, we are in Zone 5 and hope to progress to Zones 6 and 7.  If weather permits, we plan to make an additional pass through the City to pick up leaves.

Thank you for your patience. Please call our Public Works Center, (937) 428-4782 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued patience
The City of Centerville Public Works (CPW) Department provides many services, with some of the most relevant services at this time of year being leaf collection, brush pick-up and winter weather operations.  Due to Mother Nature these services sometimes run concurrently.   Over the last few weeks the City collected and responded to the ice storm of November 15, which left debris scattered about the City all while responding to the initial snow storms of the season which occurred on November 15th, 26th, and 27th and December 5th.

A complicating factor in delivering services such as those from CPW, can be weather, as the transition from rain to snow and back to rain can impact the equipment we need to deliver service as we move from leaf collection to winter operations and back.   This is one of the reasons that we qualify our communications statements regarding service delivery being “dependent on the weather”.   Frequently our service response can change “dependent on the weather” conditions we are dealt and we must be flexible in our response.   

This two to three week period was the “perfect storm” in that it required significant resources to be utilized, including our human, equipment and operational resources.   This also involved additional hours of service. CPW was opened to allow for brush drop-off from our residents.   These services demand resources and we commit ourselves to delivering these services because of you --- our customers.   

At this time, CPW is faced with a huge supply of leaves and brush and we remain steadfast and committed to getting these collected and removed from the streets.    The 10 day weather forecast through December 17th is calling for temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s with a potential for slightly warmer temperatures and rain toward the end of next week.  It is our plan to complete the collection of leaves and debris prior to December 25th. 

We appreciate your patience and we will work hard to get our streets cleaned up.    We will continue to update the website and provide new information as we progress with our clean-up of the community.   

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