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taking_notes.jpgThe City of Centerville is again offering an on-line tax calculation tool for local income taxes. This is an easy tool to calculate and prepare your City tax return for filing with the tax office. At this time, we are not able to offer electronic filing (that is, the tax return and applicable attachments still need to be submitted to the Tax Office).

Please click here to access the site.  You will need your social security number to get started, and then you will assign your own PIN. Please contact the Tax Department with questions concerning this process or any other tax issues, you can also click here to download tax forms. 

2017 State of the City Address

Attached is the text of the pdf State of the City Address (97 KB) , delivered by Brooks Compton, Centerville Mayor on March 20, 2017. 

Bicycle Safety Reminders from the Centerville Police Department

As we anticipate the increase in bicycle traffic, the Centerville Police Department would like to remind the bicyclists and motorists alike to keep an eye out for each other and share the roads safely. Motorists should always look twice and signal before changing lanes, turning at intersections, and allow a safe distance between your vehicle and cyclists as you pass. Bicyclists share in the same responsibilities and should obey all traffic laws just as the drivers of vehicles do. Regardless of your age, you should always wear a protective helmet when riding a bicycle to help prevent often avoidable head injuries and set a great example for our youth. If you are under eighteen years of age we want to remind you and your parents of the City of Centerville ordinance that requires you to wear an approved bicycle helmet when operating or riding as a passenger on a bicycle in the City of Centerville. pdf Click here for the press release. (763 KB)

Centerville Police Department has not and will not engage in any type of public fundraising campaigns

Recently, the Centerville Police Department received an inquiry from a citizen asking if the Centerville Police Department engaged in any type of telephone solicitation or fundraising campaigns.  The citizen indicated she had been contacted by phone from an individual who said he was from the Centerville Police Department and was raising funds to help fight opiate overdoses in our area.  

The Centerville Police Department has not and will not engage in any type of public fundraising campaigns.  In response to this inquiry, our department has opened an investigation into the matter, and investigators are actively following up on information the caller provided.  If you have any questions or concerns about this incident or if you were contacted by this individual, please contact the Centerville Police Department at (937) 433-7661 or

Centerville earned income tax increase effective January 1, 2017

Beginning January 1, 2017, the Centerville earned income tax will increase to 2.25 percent. Centerville voters in November approved the 0.5 percent tax increase. The Centerville Tax Office has notified all employers in the City of the change. This is the first income tax increase for Centerville taxpayers since 1981. Contact the Tax Office, 433-7151, with any questions.

Centerville municipal attorney testifies before Ohio House committee to oppose centralized municipal income tax collection

Scott Liberman, the City of Centerville Municipal Attorney, testified before the Ohio House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday, March 7 in opposition of H.B. 49, FY 2018-2019 Operating Budget, which includes a proposal to centralize Ohio’s municipal income tax collection. Liberman, an attorney in private practice with the law firm of Altick & Corwin, is concerned that should municipal income tax collection become centralized, it could create an unfair situation where businesses slip through the cracks or refuse to pay municipal taxes—while other business owners comply with the law. As municipal attorney, Liberman works with the City’s tax office to educate businesses of the requirement to file tax returns and identify those business owners not paying municipal taxes. Liberman requested centralized income tax collection be removed from H.B. 49 as there would be no capability at the local level to enforce the income tax requirements, thereby leaving fewer taxpayers to share in the tax burden. pdf Click here for his testimony. (312 KB)

City Council passes resolution opposing state budget proposal

Centerville City Council at its Feb.20, 1017 meeting unanimously passed a resolution opposing Ohio Governor John Kasich’s 2017 proposed state budget. Specifically, Council opposes the proposed state-operated centralized municipal income tax collection, which the City calls a clear attack on the home rule powers granted to municipalities by the Ohio constitution.  State funding cuts over the past six years have resulted in a steep decline in funding to Centerville’s government. In fact, since 2011, the City has lost nearly $3 million each year--an 89 percent reduction in state revenue, because of decisions emanating from Columbus. This is funding that Centerville will never recover and includes $2 million+ loss of revenue by the state legislature’s elimination of the Estate Tax and a 50 percent cut in the Local Government Fund. In response to these cuts and loss of funding, last November City Council asked Centerville voters to support a 0.5 percent income tax increase, which won approval. Now that additional funding, earmarked for City services, is being threatened by state action. pdf Click here for the press release. (105 KB)

City employees complete First Aid and CPR Training

Centerville employees recently completed First Aid and CPR Training. “In case of an emergency, we want our employees prepared to assist those in need,” said Greg Horn, city manager. “This is just one way we can achieve that.”  The training also included use of an automated external defibrillator or AED. Nearly 100 employees attended the training, which was offered over several days.   Click here for the press release.

Vectren begins gas pipeline upgrades

The Montgomery County Environmental Services (MCES) project to replace the aged water main on West Ridgeway Road from North Main to Normandy recently wrapped up. Vectren has just started work in the same area to replace the aging gas main, with an anticipated early spring completion date. West Ridgeway Drive will then be milled and resurfaced over the summer as part of the City’s annual asphalt resurfacing program. For more information about Vectren’s project,  pdf click here for the press release. (42 KB)

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