In order to maintain property values and keep a clean and attractive city the City Council enacted a property maintenance code.  The Zoning Department, specifically the Code Enforcement Officer, has the enforcement responsibility for property maintenance.

Zoning Department
Municipal Building - Lower Level
100 W. Spring Valley Rd.
Centerville OH 45458
Open Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM

Sande Heck, Code Enforcement


Property Maintenance Code

cv prop maint codeAs part of the City Council's ongoing efforts to protect property values, the City's Property Maintenance Code is comprehensively reviewed and updated every 3-5 years.  The Centerville Property Maintenance Code is based on the International Property Maintenance Code as created by the International Code Council, which is used by over 14,000 jurisdictions nationwide. 

The Centerville Property Maintenance Code includes additional language that addresses the specific needs of our community.  The Centerville Property Maintenance Code was most recently reviewed and updated in February of 2011.  

Click here to view/download a PDF version or you can pick up a hard copy for a minimal fee at the Centerville Municipal Building, 100 W. Spring Valley Rd., Centerville, Ohio 45458

If you are aware of any property maintenance violations you may contact the City's Code Enforcemen Officer or fill out the E-Report Form. 

Numerous other topics related to property maintenance are found in the City of Centerville's Unified Development Code such as fencing, accessory buildings, right-of-way, parking, and more. Click here to access the Unified Development Ordinance.

Our city is filled with unique and charming neighborhoods with homes varying from starter to executive, making Centerville a desirable place to live. The City of Centerville helps maintain those neighborhoods by utilizing a Property Maintenance Code and Unified Development Ordinance that set acceptable standards for property owners and assure neighbors that all residents are expected to keep their property up to those standards. Take a few minutes to inspect the exterior of your home. Report property concerns by calling 428-4712. You may report anonymously.  Click here to view tips on how to protect your neighborhood's property values.


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